Abby Lee Miller, of Dance Moms Fame, May Have to Dance From Jail

We all know dancing is a great physical activity, considering the average 150-pound person will burn about 240 calories per hour while dancing. However, dancer, reality TV star, and choreographer extraordinaire Abby Lee Miller is burning her way through the federal court system, and the outcome doesn’t look too good.

Miller, who is known nationwide as the strict, take-no-prisoners dance teacher on the Lifetime series Dance Moms, is under fire for fraud. According to People Magazine, she recently plead guilty to attempting to hide $775,000 of income during a Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing back in 2010. In addition, the Assistant U.S. Attorney claims she did not report $120,000 in Australian currency that she brought into the country illegally in 2014.

What’s worse, she reportedly tried to smuggle the currency into the U.S. using minors (a charge that she denies).

So far, Miller has been indicted for 20 counts of fraud and faces up to two and a half years in prison.

While her lawyer is asking for probation, Miller is not doing herself any favors. She’s blaming her Dance Moms fame as the reason why she hid the money.

But according to sources who knew Miller before she skyrocketed to fame, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to financial woes. People Magazine talked to witnesses who claimed that police would come to her Penn Hills, Pennsylvania studio and threaten to close it due to back taxes many years ago. There would be signs on the door, and Miller never seemed concerned enough to hide her money troubles from her students.

In fact, previous students explained that Miller would offer students free dance lessons in exchange for keeping quiet about her debt, and would expect families of her students to put her up in hotels and pay for her meals while at dance competitions. When families would refuse to pay her way, she would sleep on cots in their hotel rooms and threaten to ban the child from the studio if they didn’t comply with her demands.

In short, she sounds like the kind of big personality perfect for reality television stardom.

Now, it looks like the matriarch of Dance Moms may be in for a taste of her own medicine.

As of right now, Miller’s sentencing is set for February 24.

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