Ashton Kutcher’s Mother’s Day Gift is Better Than Ours

For most people, Mother’s Day means purchasing a card and some flowers, maybe taking Mom out to brunch at her favorite restaurant. For actor Ashton Kutcher, it meant flying Mom to his house for vacation so that he could have her basement remodeled.

In a documentary about the home remodel, Kutcher explained that he and his stepfather had originally built the house when he was 13 years old. He went on to say that he wanted to expand the house to make room for his new daughter, Wyatt Isabelle, as well as to show his appreciation for his mother.

The basement renovation took 27 days to complete, and Kutcher relied on his stepfather, Mark, to help pull it off. “The one thing that has eternally bonded my stepdad and I is that my stepdad loves my mom as much as I do,” he said in the documentary. “When you’re the oldest son, and your parents have gone through a divorce, you’re always mistrustful of any other guy. But Mark stepped in and a lot of ways was there for me in ways my dad couldn’t be there for me. I’m one of those people in this world who’s lucky enough to have two dads. I’m just a blessed person to have that much love in my life.”

Many old homes require updating and remodeling as the years go on. In addition to remodeling basements, new kitchens, bathrooms, and doors are popular remodeling solutions. In fact, 71% of homeowners who replace their garage doors state that it increased the home’s resale value. Ashton Kutcher used his opportunity to turn his mother’s John Wayne museum space into a comfortable living space, displaying home made canned salsas and prized antiques.

Kutcher oversaw the remodel from California with the help of technology by Houzz, an online renovation website in which he has invested. His mother, Diane, was reportedly brought to tears by her son’s gesture.

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