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Biden hits restaurants on two-day campaign swing

SOUTH LOS ANGELES — Former Vice President Joe Biden brought his campaign for the Democratic nomination for president to Crenshaw Boulevard July 18, meeting with about 65 residents at Dulan’s restaurant.

Biden shook hands and served food to residents, community and religious leaders before giving a speech.

He discussed the need for criminal-justice reform and prospering the black community, as well as taxes, health care, education and racial tensions across America.

He said he was running for president “to restore the soul of this country.”

He quickly targeted President Donald Trump and his recent comments about four Democratic congresswomen, whom the president said on Twitter should “go back and help fix the totally broken and crime-infested places from which they came.” That sentiment was echoed at Trump’s rally in North Carolina July 17, where the crowd broke into a chant of “send her back,” aimed at one of the congresswomen, Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minnesota.

“Did you see or hear Trump’s rally last night?” Biden asked the crowd at Dulan’s. “It was despicable. To stand and attack those four women in the way he did, talking about them going back home. The racist, basic taunts.

“And then when the crowd started yelling, “Send them back, send them back, send them back,’ when has that ever happened other than the last time you remember the name George Wallace,” Biden said, referencing the segregationist candidate of the 1960s. “No, I’m serious. When has anything like that happened — the president of the United States saying or doing something like that?”

Gregory Dulan, restaurant owner, felt that the event went really well. Mentioning that he was both shocked and excited when Biden’s team reached out to him about a month ago to host the event.

“The meeting was a success,” he said. “Everyone who was here was happy and happy to speak with [Biden]. He’s genuine. He cares about people and the country.”

Dulan’s is a black-owned restaurant that has been at the Crenshaw location for 38 years.

“It was wonderful to have Joe Biden on Crenshaw,” Dulan said. “Crenshaw is going through changes so him being here shows the impact Crenshaw has on the community.”

While leaving the event, Biden showed off his new red “Make Crenshaw Great Again” hat to TMZ.

Biden attended a few more private events during his time in L.A. Even stopping by Tamales Liliana’s July 19 with Los Angeles County Supervisor Hilda Solis after a fundraiser hosted by Pasadena City Councilman and former president of the Pasadena branch of the NAACP, John J. Kennedy.