Blair Underwood’s ‘Ironside’ reboot canceled after three episodes

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By Olu Alemoru, Staff Writer

Looks like Blair Underwood just went 0-for-2 in top-lining recent series on network television.

NBC has pulled “Ironside” after three episodes, according to The peacock will air one more episode next Wednesday before it falls off the schedule. Although the film and television heartthrob fared better in his last starring role as President Elias Martinez in “The Event,” that was canceled by NBC in May 2011 after one full season.

As for his latest foray, Underwood brought a whole new flavor to the role of the iconic 1960s and 70s detective “Ironside,” originally portrayed by Raymond Burr. The re-boot, launched Oct. 2, kept the name, the job and the wheelchair, but moved the action from San Francisco to New York and infused the character with an edgy attitude and team of cops to match.

Underwood is currently filming “Macbett,” a remake of Shakespeare’s “Macbeth,” that co-stars Terence Howard and Sanaa Lathan and is directed by Aleta Chappelle, the first African-American woman to helm a film version of the bard’s work.



Blair Underwood’s reboot has come to a swift end.


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