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Brazilian artist stages performance piece in WeHo cube

WEST HOLLYWOOD — The city has welcomed Brazilian-born artist Manuel Lima to the Sunset Strip for 10 days as he creates an interactive performance piece, The Cube, in which he will live and work in public view.

The Cube is a 10-foot-wide square translucent structure that is temporarily constructed around a shade tree, containing a piano and strings of red light bulbs. In it, Lima will integrate original music and light compositions with daily life and interactions with passers-by, in order to create an ever-evolving performance that culminates in a final recital on the evening of Aug. 21.

Lima’s life within The Cube began Aug. 12 in a public parking lot at 8775 Sunset Blvd. near Horn Avenue.

From 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day — following a shower, breakfast, and a run (his only time away from The Cube except for short meals and rest breaks) — Lima will perform his “Sunset Blvd.” composition, repeatedly moving the dial on FM radio from left to right, and improvising five-minute piano segments based on what he hears.

From 5 to 7 p.m. each day, he will break for tea just outside The Cube so that people may join him and engage in conversation.

Beginning at about 8 p.m. each day, after a dinner break, Lima will perform “Red Light Piano,” an original light and sound composition with variations increasing in length through successive days in The Cube. At approximately midnight each day, he will sleep within The Cube.

A native of São Paulo, Brazil, Lima recently earned his performer-composer doctor of musical arts degree from the California Institute of the Arts, where his studies were fully funded by the Brazilian government. Lima conducted a 10-day trial for The Cube last spring in the Val Verde Hills in Valencia.

Lima said he expects that the West Hollywood performance will cause him to experience a profound personal and creative transformation, due to the nature of The Cube’s very public, urban space.

The Cube is supported by the city through Art on the Outside, a program of WeHo Arts. Art on the Outside installs temporary works on the city’s medians and in parks, including sculpture, performance art and murals, most of which remain on display from six months to three years.


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