Businesses Release Pride Month Themed Goodies in Support of LGBTQ Community Nationwide

June is National LGBTQ Pride Month, and many nationwide businesses are releasing special items as a way to show their support to the LGBTQ community.

MeUndies started last month, with their interesting underwear campaign dedicated to preventing homelessness in Los Angeles LBGTQ youth. In May, the underwear company launched their brand-new “Celebrate Yourself” campaign, Elite Daily reports. 

The company’s goal is to emphasize diversity and acceptance around the world for the LGBTQ community, so they have created a new rainbow polka-dot print and are using it as a fundraiser of sorts. Dubbed the Celebrate print, MeUndies has pledged to donate $1 dollar to the Los Angeles LGBT Center for every pair of undies sold. The LGBT Center is the world’s largest organization for LGBT health and advocacy and utilizes donations to keep LGBTQ youth off the street and in good health.

MeUndies Creative Director Andrew Teague explains to Elite Daily that he decided to get involved with the LGBT Center as a way to support and grow awareness for LGBTQ acceptance nationwide. He says: 

We met with the Los Angeles LGBT Center and learned more about what they do, the vital services they provide as well as a lot of the issues that they are facing. When they told us that between 60 and 70% of their funding comes from federal grants, and that most of that money is now under threat from our current political leadership, it galvanized us even further to make these undies and this campaign mean something.

MeUndies isn’t the only company that is releasing Pride Month themed goodies. While according to the 2015 Euromonitor report, sales of men’s toiletries have grown by 4% to $3.4 billion in recent years, and with the help of these new products there will definitely be some gains in the beauty world.

For example, Milk Makeup has teamed up with the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Community Center in NYC and is releasing a limited-edition Glitter Stick. Half of all proceeds from this makeup multitasker will benefit their NYC center.

Skincare brand Kiehl’s is also pledging to donate to LGBTQ communities, and it has made a goal of raising $30,000 for LGBTQ centers all over New York City by the end of June. They will be donating half of all proceeds from the sale of their skincare products, along with accepting in-store donations all month long.

Seattle-based barbershop Rudy’s is following the trend as well. With every sale of their 1-2-3 unisex showering system, the shop will give away a free set to an LGBTQ youth homeless shelter. 

So, with one beauty product and underwear pair at a time, these brands are slowly but surely bettering the lives of the LGBTQ community nationwide.

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