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Self-Proclaimed Celeb, Angelyne, Poised to Make Her L.A. Billboard Comeback

Before a scad of celebrities catapulted to stardom simply for being famous, there was Angelyne. In the mid-1980s, the buxom beauty launched her own marketing campaign throughout Los Angeles, namely on billboards scattered throughout the city. For around 20 years, the self-proclaimed starlet was a fixture along major roadways. And then, suddenly, any sign of…

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A Lovin’ Spoonful of Gay Ice Cream, Anyone?

Ice cream now has a sexual orientation, who knew?For the past few years, NYC-based ice cream shop Big Gay Ice Cream has prided themselves in serving fabulous flavors to both Manhattanites and tourists from all over the world. Starting in 2009 as a rainbow-themed ice cream truck, Big Gay Ice Cream has lured in ice…

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