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Census Bureau adjusts schedule due to coronavirus

WEST HOLLYWOOD — The city is getting the word out about adjustments the U.S. Census Bureau has made in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) emergency. 

In support of Safer at Home orders and recommendations for physical distancing across the country, the Census Bureau suspended field operations in March to protect the health and safety of the public at large, Census Bureau employees, and everyone going through the hiring process for temporary census taker positions. 

Most households should have already received the census form by mail. The self-response phase has been extended until Aug. 14. Community members can respond by mail or, to ensure adherence to Safer at Home directives, may respond online at www.2020Census.org.

Census takers will drop off “respond online” invitations at five million households across the country through May 1.

Census Bureau staff are planned to assist people at grocery stores with responding online from through Aug. 14 and census takers will interview nonresponse households in person, maintaining physical distance to ensure health and safety, between May 28 and Aug. 14.

The information is subject to change as the coronavirus emergency evolves.

The city is working to achieve a complete census count in Census 2020. 

“The census provides critical information,” Mayor John D’Amico said. “A complete count will help to ensure that West Hollywood receives a fair share of federal funding and investments and, on a state level, the count will determine California’s apportionment in the U.S. House of Representatives. As this coronavirus pandemic proves, its more vital than ever that people in our community take part and be counted.”

The Census Bureau is making every effort to protect the health and safety of Census Bureau employees and the public at large while ensuring a complete and accurate count of all communities. By law, the Census Bureau will deliver each state’s population counts to the president by Dec. 31.

By law, the Census Bureau will deliver the local counts each state needs to complete legislative redistricting by April 1, 2021.For more information about Census 2020, visit www.2020Census.gov.

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