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City acquires 15 more acres for Runyon Canyon Park

HOLLYWOOD — Runyon Canyon Park, famous for its hiking trails and panoramic views of Los Angeles, is nearly 15 acres larger.

The Trust for Public Land finalized the $8.75 million purchase of the adjacent open space, which was privately owned, using $4.45 million in funds it raised and $4.3 million from the city.

“Runyon Canyon is a beloved regional park that serves as a significant recreational resource for the people of Los Angeles,” said Councilman David Ryu, who represents the area. “This purchase will expand our city’s open and green spaces, protect our natural habitats, and create healthier communities for all.

Most importantly, the newly acquired 14.9 acres will forever be removed from the threat of development, and instead preserved for many generations to come.”

The city’s donation came from Proposition K funds. The bond measure raises $25 million a year for the acquisition, improvement, construction and maintenance of city parks, recreation facilities and other projects.

The land is to be added to the park as open green space and be donated to the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority. The city owns and manages most of Runyon, but the conservation authority oversees the park’s open green space.

“Expanding Runyon Canyon is a victory for the millions of Angelenos who regularly visit this park to get outdoors,” said Tori Kjer, Los Angeles program director of the Trust for Public Land. “This trail and knoll are one of the most popular spots in Runyon Canyon, and this is a perfect example of the value of investing in natural outdoors spaces for our densest urban communities.”

The Department of Recreation and Parks partnered with the Trust for Public Land to secure the funding needed to acquire the land. Over the years, the trust has worked closely with the Department of Recreation and Parks to further its goal of creating parks and protecting land to ensure healthy, climate-smart communities with access to nature for all.

Funding sources include Los Angeles County Proposition A, Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy Proposition 1, City of Los Angeles Proposition K, Friends of Runyon Canyon grant, California Natural Resources Agency grant, and California Department of Parks and Recreation Stateside Land and Water Conservation Fund grant.

“I want to thank all the local government agencies and community groups who helped pull together the funds needed to expand this fantastic resource in perpetuity,” county Supervisor Sheila Kuehl said. “This is a great example of local government agencies working together with the public to expand and protect a resource that benefits everyone.”

“The Department of Recreation and Parks is thrilled to have finalized the Runyon Canyon Park Acquisition Project that has been in the works for some time,” said Michael Shull, general manager of the city Department of Recreation and Parks. “Runyon Canyon Park is a local treasure and we will continue to do everything possible to conserve this land to ensure Angelenos and visitors are able to enjoy recreational activities at the park for generations to come.”

Runyon Canyon Park draws nearly 2 million visitors per year.


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