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City closes gate that leads to Hollywood sign

LOS ANGELES — Hikers can no longer use one of the easiest and most direct trail routes to the iconic Hollywood sign after the city closed the access point at Beachwood Drive April 11.

Entrance to the popular Hollyridge Trail will become more limited because the city closes the Beachwood gate as the result of a court order, although the trail will still be accessible at other nearby access points, including Canyon Road and the Vermont Canyon entrance.

The Friends of Griffith Park, a nonprofit organization, held a rally April 15 near the trail in opposition to the closure, to no avail.

“The rally is to raise public awareness of the proposed closure and to express the need to keep access to Griffith Park, a public park and Los Angeles’ largest historic-cultural monument, open to the public,” Friends of Griffith Park said in a statement.

A spokeswoman with the Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks confirmed the city still plans on permanently closing down the Beachwood gate access.

The closure stems from a legal battle over access to the Sunset Ranch Hollywood Stables on Beachwood Drive, which provides horseback rides in Griffith Park. The ranch sued the city in 2015 over the number of hikers using a 20-foot strip of land it owns and also acts as the only access point to its business.

The ranch had a longstanding legal agreement allowing hikers to use the land but complained the city was channeling too many hikers to the path.

“The court ruled that pedestrian access along the road to Sunset Ranch was incompatible with Sunset Ranch’s legal easement and impeded their ability to conduct business,” the Department of Parks and Recreation said in a statement last month when it announced the pending closure.


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