City Council adopts new parking policies

Independent Staff Report

WEST HOLLYWOOD — The City Council has adopted a number of recommendations to make the city’s parking regulations and policies more user-friendly.

“Our goal has to always be to help our residents, businesses and visitors and make sure that parking is available, accessible and affordable,” Mayor Pro Tempore Lauren Meister said.

Among the decisions approved by the council were:

• Improve signage and visibility at on-street parking spaces so it is easier to read and understand regulations.

• Update the Municipal Parking Code to reflect changes in land use within the city.

• Direct the Transportation Commission to initiate a second Parking Credits District in the Center City area within 60 days of the completion of the automated parking garage at West Hollywood City Hall.

• Incorporate a link on the back of citation envelopes to the city’s website to provide information about parking locations.

• Inform employees of local businesses about available commercial and employee parking permit programs.

• More prominently display information about off-street parking on the city’s mobile app.

• And study residential parking requirements and long-term parking solutions.

“This was the first time the council had a comprehensive discussion of the parking opportunities and concerns that are presented to our residents, businesses and visitors,” Councilman John D’Amico said. “Parking citations are not inevitable and we can do more and we are doing more to help people find parking and avoid citations.”

The initiatives will be presented to the city’s Transportation Commission for consideration. The directive then requires that city staff return to the council within 90 to 120 days with recommendations and analyses.

The City Council did not take action on proposed changes to the fee schedule for parking violations and an amendment to the hours of enforcement of parking meters in certain commercial districts.

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