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City Council approves Hollywood Sign access study

LOS ANGELES — The City Council approved a motion Feb. 27 to have the city study ways to improve safety, traffic and tourist access to the iconic Hollywood Sign, including a recommendation of replicating it on the other side of the mountain.

Dixon Resources Unlimited, a transportation consulting firm, conducted a comprehensive analysis on how to enhance the visitor experience at the sign and to address problems created in the surrounding   neighborhoods by the thousands of visitors who flock to the area each year.

The council’s 12-0 vote directs city staff to report on the feasibility of implementing the report’s ideas, along with opinions on the most beneficial, economical and highest priority strategies.

“Traffic and poor park access have plagued Griffith Park and the Hollywood Sign for years,” City Councilman David Ryu said. “Finally, we have a report with data and ideas for solving these problems. Today, the City Council has unanimously agreed to study the feasibility of these ideas so that we can find workable, long-time solutions for our neighbors and our park.”

The study’s 29 recommendations include smaller proposals, such as additional bathrooms and sidewalk improvements, alongside larger ones, including the replication of the sign on another side of the mountain, the creation of an aerial tram and a visitor center, and an alternative access plan at the Beachwood Drive gate that was closed last year as the result of a lawsuit.

“I was thrilled to have this report backed up by rich data and analysis,” Ryu said. “At this time, I have no preference among the strategies — that’s why I introduced this motion, so our experts can get to work finding out what works in this report.”


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