City to crack down on Hollywood Hills ‘party houses’

LOS ANGELES — The party is over at two Hollywood Hills houses and other “nuisance” party spots if City Attorney Mike Feuer has his way, as his office filed criminal charges Sept. 20 against the owner of a home and the manager of another he said have been the source of excessive problems.

“The party’s over for out-of-control nuisance houses,” Feuer said. “It’s completely unacceptable for residential homes to be rented out every few weeks for massive parties that attract hundreds of guests, blast music throughout the night and block streets, disrupting peace and quiet in our neighborhoods.

“My office will continue to work closely with the Los Angeles Police Department and members of the community to help restore the quality of life our residents should be entitled to expect.”

According to a criminal complaint Feuer’s office filed, Kamran Younai, 46, is the owner of a large single-family home located at 7842 Electra Drive and frequently rents it to short-term tenants who use it as a party house, generating loud noise and crowded streets.

Younai is facing 16 criminal counts including 10 counts of maintaining a public nuisance after receiving written notice and six counts of engaging in illegal short term rentals. If convicted, Younai could face up to eight years in jail and $16,000 in fines.

Rose Garcia, 43, the property manager of a large single-family home at 2649 La Cuesta Drive, was charged with 10 criminal counts including seven counts related to loud parties at the residence. If convicted, Garcia could face up to three years in jail and $7,000 in fines for all counts.

“I commend City Attorney Mike Feuer in his effort to protect the quality of life of our residential neighborhoods and prioritize public safety,” Councilman David Ryu said.

“Egregious party houses represent a small percentage of the homes in the hillside communities I represent, however, we must continue to assist LAPD with effective enforcement tools that will bring relief to the overwhelming majority of residents who are besieged by these inconsiderate neighbors.”

Ryu introduced a motion last November calling for an ordinance that would allow the city to crack down on party houses.

“These outlandish parties besiege the neighborhoods of the Hollywood Hills, overcrowd residential streets and pose a significant risk to public safety,” Ryu said. “Our police department should not be tasked with breaking up these public nuisances every weekend with no recourse to solve the problem. That’s what this draft ordinance intends to do.”

The proposed ordinance would widen the type of behavior that could result in a property owner or manager being fined or facing a criminal charge, including loud noises, littering and blocking a public right of way, and create escalating fines up to $4,000 for repeat violations.

The draft measure would also mandate that any location cited would also be tagged with a public notice of the violation for 30 days.


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