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Council gives Hollywood Palladium historical status

HOLLYWOOD — The Hollywood Palladium, where everyone from Frank Sinatra to Megadeath has performed, was named a historic-cultural monument by the Los Angeles City Council Sept. 28.

It was a major victory for Angelenos and history lovers, according to the Coalition to Preserve L.A., which issued a press release saying, “a cherished, legendary part of Hollywood history is safe — at least for now.”

Built in 1940 at 6215 Sunset Blvd, the Palladium was a sleek, graceful ballroom that opened with Tommy Dorsey and His Orchestra, featuring vocalist Frank Sinatra.

Rock and Roll hall of famers Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Wonder, MC5, Jay-Z, Megadeath, Bad Religion and numerous others also performed there.

Jill Stewart, the Coalition to Preserve LA’s campaign director, said, “We appreciate the City Council’s approval of historic status for the Palladium, but it was due solely to tremendous public outcry.” (See Editor’sNote below.)

“The City Council is in a catastrophic rush to green light demolitions that destroy irreplaceable historic treasures across L.A., while nearby cities such as Culver City create sustainable and livable communities by honoring their history.

“Hollywood should have been one of the most carefully preserved and globally revered collections of famed historic buildings and famed historic locales in the United States. Instead, it is being systematically destroyed by our sadly foolhardy Los Angeles City Council,” Stewart added.

City Councilman Mitch O’Farrell, who represents part of Hollywood, said the historic designation means that any future plans for the site must comply with strict guidelines.

“In addition to recognizing this important landmark on Sunset Boulevard, the Palladium will be enhanced because of the project planned on the adjacent surface parking lot,” O’Farrell said.

Some of the historical benefits that come as a result of the Palladium project will include a Palladium preservation and enhancement plan, which may include but is not limited to improvements to key features such as the lobby doors, ballroom ceiling, ballroom floor, lobby and ballroom chandeliers.

A historic interpretive exhibit will be incorporated at key locations to increase general public and patron awareness and appreciation of the history and significance of Hollywood and the Hollywood Palladium, O’Farrell added.

“These improvements will ensure that one of our historic gems will not only be preserved, but enhanced, so that the Palladium may continue to thrive as an operable and competitive theater in the years to come,” the councilman said. “This investment will continue to establish Hollywood as a world-class, transit-oriented community, while protecting and preserving our unique historical resources.

Plans call for two 30-story residential luxury towers to be built in the parking lot behind the Palladium.

The AIDS Healthcare Foundation, which has its headquarters next door to the Palladium, has sued the city, trying to block the project.

Editor’s Note: CH Palladium, owner of the Hollywood Palladium, disputes the contention by Jill Stewart, campaign director of the Coalition to Preserve L.A., that the council’s designation of historic cultural monument status for the Palladium was “due solely to tremendous public outcry.”

“The cornerstone of the Palladium Residences has always been the preservation and restoration of the iconic Hollywood Palladium,” project spokesman Steve Afriat said. “Although not typical, the developer, CH Palladium, initiated the application for nomination on its own volition.”


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