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Digital marketing consultant releases second book

Leading digital marketing consultant, Jason Ciment, an accountant, attorney, author and a software engineer, has added a second book to his repertoire.

His newly released book, “I Need More Clients: Digital Marketing Strategies That Grow Your Business,” is now available on Amazon in paperback. Ciment, with his unorthodox background, offers business insights and step-by-step techniques culled from decades of experience working with clients, influencers and entrepreneurs.

Ciment is known as a “quadruple threat” in business marketing circles because his diversity of skills inspired him to reject traditional corporate paths in favor of creating his own business success models. Through his firm, GetVisible, he and his partner Michael Moshkovich have applied a unique approach to digital marketing that has helped clients grow and transform their businesses into thriving enterprises.

“The philosophy I share that resonates most with my client base is ‘work smarter, retire early,’” Ciment said. “Clients have been asking me to put my resource-leveraging strategies to paper. This book evolved from many years of giving seminars, speaking at conferences and leadership panels and writing articles for noted blogs and journals.

“Simply put ‘I Need More Clients’ has been positioned as a practical guide to growing your business online. I share the secrets, shortcuts and tactics for using your website and other digital assets to get more clients, more referrals and more sales. I preach a way of using technology and business knowhow to work smarter and more efficiently,” Ciment added.

“I Need More Clients” touches on graphic design, search engine optimization, ad management, web traffic, ecommerce and digital strategy. Ciment said that both a dynamic personal brand and a robust corporate brand are crucial to success in business.

Ciment blends unique perspectives with timeless principles to create a modern landscape for online business transformation. If you want to replicate his clients’ successes, it starts with the desire of learning how to make online tools work for you, he said.

The book explains how to increase traffic, leads and sales by positioning your brand on Google and Bing search engines, Facebook, YouTube and other social media channels.

“The biggest mistake made by companies and professionals is that they talk too much about what services or products they offer but they don’t spend nearly as much time talking about the customers they sell to,” Ciment said. “We call this ‘audience profiling.’ Simply having a navigation menu link to a page that speaks to clients about their stories helps visitors imagine that your website is a play and they too can be a character in your story.”

Ciment offers step-by-step advice on how to “get more visible” online using a combination of old-school and new-age marketing tactics. For the more experienced business reader, Ciment also shares best-kept secrets and creative tips to improve upon well-established strategies.

“‘I Need More Clients’ is really a state-of-the-art guide to guiding your own journey towards professional and financial success,” said Maureen Kedes of Voice America business radio.

Ciment has been involved in ecommerce since 1996. He has launched more than 150 websites and wrote a book on search engine optimization.

“I have spent two decades obsessed with designing and building websites for clients and then driving actionable traffic with online branding strategies,” Ciment said. “My dream is to share these strategies with people who are committed to growing their businesses.”

Because digital marketing processes are often complex organisms, Ciment has created memorable acronyms that make his techniques more easily digestible, even if the person reading the book does not have a technology-oriented background.

Whether businesses want inexpensive “low-hanging fruit” traffic opportunities or more long-term evergreen web visibility or social engagement and endorsement, Ciment gives his readers access to the same resource leveraging methods his company has used for clients like Westfield, Teladoc, Marlon Brando’s estate and Jacoby and Meyers.

What is his best business advice for someone launching or growing a new company, professional services firm or ecommerce website?

Hyper focus, he said. Figure out at least one defined audience who wants your product or service. Then find the digital traffic channels that will profitably enable you to get your product or service in front of that audience.

He says to think of your marketing strategy as a concentric circle, and then your first customers are inside the first circle.

“You can enlarge the circle or add more circles around the first circle by adding more products and services, selling more to the same customers, or getting more customers,” Ciment said.

Most business owners usually would have to hire numerous people to help trouble-shoot typical marketing problems, which is why Ciment created the book as an easy guide with simple steps to follow on an on-going basis for anyone.

Since business owners initially turn to costly consultants to provide lead generation and other digital marketing services, Ciment created the book as a more affordable stepping stone to achieving similar online goals but for less money and with more predictable and sustainable results.

If you are looking to grow your business through online channels, this guide to getting more clients should be one of the first books on your shelf.



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