Florida Woman Bound with Duct Tape as Home Invaders Ransack Her Apartment

Being held at gunpoint is everyone’s worst fear, and it’s even more disturbing when you wake up to realize that your nightmare has become a reality.

According to the Sun Sentinel, authorities recently tracked down one woman and two men responsible for a terrifying home invasion and robbery that occurred last month in Florida.

Audrey Nichole Cuevas, 18, her 17-year-old boyfriend, and Jeovany Quintana Acosta, 34, were finally arrested at the Star Motel in Hialeah, FL after a month-long investigation.

Authorities say that 23-year-old Krystina Pipersburg was asleep in her Hollywood, FL apartment when she felt a hand on her neck, a knee in her back, and the barrel of a gun rested against her skull.

“They turned her over and put duct tape on her eyes and mouth,” Detective Margaret Smires said.

The burglars managed to escape with a flatscreen TV, two laptops, an iPhone, video games, a skateboard, and a 2007 Mazda that belonged to Pipersburg’s roommate, who was not home at the time of the robbery.

The perps entered through the front door. Crimes like this are a harsh reality for residents without alarm systems. A home invasion happens every 13 seconds, and the FBI says that almost 74% of all burglaries are committed on residential properties.

Three days after the incident, Miami-Dade police found the stolen Mazda.

After interviewing neighbors, authorities traced the wanted trio to the motel that they were eventually arrested in. Cuevas reportedly confessed the entire ordeal, telling cops “this sh– ain’t right” and that she would tell them everything.

Investigators found the gun and some of the stolen property in the motel room. At her first appearance in court, Cuevas was notified that she would be held without bond.

Cuevas was appointed a public defender after she told the judge she was a beauty school student and had no money for a lawyer. She is being charged with armed home invasion robbery, a felony that carries a maximum life sentence.

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