Following Success of ‘God’s Not Dead’ and Faith-Based Streaming Service, CEO Has Message for Hollywood

Greg Gudorf only became CEO of Pure Flix Digital last fall, but the former Sony executive with experience in technology and marketing has already starting to make some waves in the industry.

According to TheBlaze.com, Gudorf recently conducted an interview with The Church Boys podcast, in which he applauded the success of the Pure Flix Entertainment film “God’s Not Dead,” which earned over $60 million in the U.S. box-office, and the recently released sequel “God’s Not Dead 2.” He also talked about what it should mean in terms of Hollywood’s decisions going forward as well as society as a whole.

“I think the lesson to take away if you’re on the Hollywood side of things is look at what people are watching and asking for,” Gudorf said. “There’s been a resurgence of faith and family oriented programming. People want that. Hollywood should take that lesson of a wholesome positive message and work to bring that to more and more people.”

Pure Flix Digital, a subsidiary of Pure Flix Entertainment, recently launched “Faith and Family Streaming,” a Netflix-style movie streaming platform that features only uplifting, family, and faith-based content. It was born out of the notion that many families are sick and tired of seeing the same kind of explicit, adult, and violent nature the industry is inundated with. Radiation, which cell phones constantly emit, isn’t the only thing parents should be worried about their kids being exposed to.

“The amount of violence and other things that Hollywood has turned to in the name of entertainment and the impact that has and on our culture is really astounding — and it can be tracked,” Gudorf said on the podcast.

With their unique streaming service, Gudorf aims to give families instant access on phones, tablets, and televisions to the wholesome kind of content they desire, but find increasingly hard to find. It’s also his hope that the success they’re having will be noticed by other Hollywood execs who will start to follow suit.

“Faith and Family Streaming” currently has about 3,000 titles and plans to keep adding more, potentially even delving into original content. With the amount of time children now spend glued to the TV, Gudorf wants there to at least be a positive choice to turn to.

“If you take a look at the average child growing up, by the time they’re 18 they will have spent six times more in media hours than they did in school hours, 32 time more with media than they did with their parents [and] 80 times more than church if they go once a week.”

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