Gay Actor Brendan Scanell Cast in the Television Remake of ‘Heathers’

A young, gay actor will be playing one of the key roles in the upcoming television adaptation of the famous cult movie “Heathers.”

Brendan Scanell has been cast to play one of the Heathers from the film alongside Melanie Field and Jasmine Mathews.

Scanell also does stand-up comedy, but will be putting the stage aside for a short while to work on the TV Land reboot of the popular cult film.

However, the new adaptation is getting a 21st-century update. The three Heathers, traditionally portrayed by wealthy white girls, are receiving some diversity in their ranks.

Heather Duke, originally portrayed by Shannen Doherty, will be played by Scanell. Born as Heath, they will identify as genderqueer.

Jasmine Mathews, who will be joining Scanell on screen, will play another one of the Heathers, but will be portraying a black lesbian.

The original film focused on Veronica, played by Winona Ryder, as she navigated the uncannily treacherous waters of high school.

The film caught on like a virus amongst the cult black comedy community, remaining extremely popular today.

The climax of the film actually results in a fire, which produces one of the most iconic Winona Ryder scenes in film. Though the fire was the result of an explosion and not electrical malfunction like 19% of other fires, it provided much of the dark comedy that the film embodied.

Scanell, currently known for his stand-up comedy, has frequently been featured on “Funny or Die” and is excited about the new reincarnation of “Heathers.”

Fans are just as excited, as well. Putting a contemporary spin on the cult classic is sure to turn some heads and bring new life into the feature.

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