.Gay Domain Application Denied For Third Time

For the third time, Dotgay LLC has lost in its attempt to achieve community status for its .gGay top level domain name application.

In 2014, the LLC first submitted its application to ICANN (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), which is in charge of assigning control of the new wave of “generic top level domains,” such as “.hotel” and “.london.” Yet the application was denied, because the organization said that the community .gay claimed to represent was too small.

With the backing of hundreds of LGBTQ organizations, Dotgay LLC has said that it aims to create a “common platform for enhancing the resources, visibility and solidarity of the gay community.” Considering that there are about 4.49 billion web pages on the Internet, the visibility granted by .gay would certainly be significant.

But in its second attempt, the evaluation carried out by the Economist Intelligence Unit on behalf of ICANN said that the .gay domain string failed to match the community that dotgay claims to represent, that includes “male or female homosexuals, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, ally and many other terminology.”

“The Community Priority Evaluation panel has determined that the applied-for string does not identify or match the name of the community as defined in the application, nor is it a well known short-form or abbreviation of the community. It therefore does not meet the requirements,” ICANN said.

Finally, in its third and most recent bid, Dotgay LLC filed for a request for reconsideration. Unfortunately, ICANN’s Board Governance Committee flat out denied the request.

Unlike ICANN, the public is unable to see why Dotgay LLC can’t get community status. As a result, a lot of negative publicity has ensued.

However, the third denial doesn’t necessarily mean that Dotgay LLC cannot operate the domain name, and it doesn’t man that .gay will never be in existence. Rather, the company is able to win the rights to the domain name in either an auction or an arrangement with other .gay applicants.
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