Google Extends Its Reach With High-Speed Content Delivery Network and Internet Service

Just a few weeks ago, Google agreed to a deal with Akamai, a leading content delivery network (CDN) service, but Google made a pretty bold move recently when it announced its own updated Cloud CDN service.

According to Fortune and Venture Beat, Google is currently accepting applications from people who want to try out the alpha version of Google Cloud CDN when it’s released.

The Cloud CDN service is geared toward professional web and app developers who are looking for faster load times of big files and large amounts of data. As Fortune explained, the content network would create locally cached data files which would result in “less delay between you clicking, for example, on that YouTube link and actually seeing the video play.”

It seems that Google’s new Cloud CDN would be in direct competition with several other content delivery network services with which it has partnerships; although Akamai is the most recent partnership, Google has already been in business with CDN providers including CloudFlare, Fastly, Highwinds, and Level 3 Communications.

More importantly, it seems that Google’s CDN would also be competing with Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, which are two of the biggest names in the cloud services industry. Even though cloud networks have become very popular in recent years — 88% of businesses use the public cloud and 63% use a private cloud service — entering the industry this late in the game may not be easy for Google.

Of course, Google has plenty of other tricks up its sleeve, and it’s especially focused on developing high-speed services for use in the home and in the office.

Locally, according to the Los Angeles Times, Google Fiber is beginning to inch forward. As an internet provider, Google is only operating in 17 markets across the country via Google Fiber. If all goes as planned, however, L.A. residents may be able to qualify for Google Fiber service.

Although the details of Google Fiber are unclear, it seems that Google’s focus on quality, and especially on high-speed internet services, is helping the tech giant get ahead of its competitors.

Perhaps that same attention to detail will transfer over to Google Cloud CDN? Only time will tell.

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