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Hollywood billboard campaign targets overdevelopment

LOS ANGELES — Advocates from the AIDS Healthcare Foundation concerned about the impact that overdevelopment is having on the quality of life have spearheaded a new advocacy and awareness campaign intended to educate area residents about the growing problem in the city and region.

Stop Manhattanwood! is the title of the new awareness and advocacy campaign featuring billboards and online elements (www.stopManhattanwood.org) to educate concerned citizens in Los Angeles and elsewhere about the impact that the tremendous growth and overdevelopment in Los Angeles — particularly in the Greater Hollywood area — is having on the overall quality of life in the city.

The ad campaign launched last week with the posting of five ‘Stop Manhattanwood’ billboards throughout Hollywood.

The advocacy campaign is separate from the Coalition to Preserve L.A.’s Neighborhood Integrity Initiative, a grassroots community-driven ballot measure to rein in ‘mega’ development in Los Angeles over the next few years.

The AIDS Healthcare Foundation is part of the Coalition to Preserve L.A.; and considers the Stop Manhattanwood advocacy campaign a parallel effort to educateallAngelenos —not just voters — about the specific impact that such overdevelopment may have, such as on overall quality of life, as well as traffic and congestion in the region, a foundation spokesperson said.

The Stop Manhattanwood campaign will run for approximately three months.

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