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Hollywood Museum hosts ‘Back to the Future’ exhibit

HOLLYWOOD — The Hollywood Museum will take part in the 35th anniversary of the “Back to the Future” movie franchise by hosting an exhibit that opens to the public Dec. 6.

Donelle Dadigan, president and founder of the Hollywood Museum, has announced that the co-creator of the “Back to the Future” franchise, Bob Gale, and world renown “Back to the Future” collectors, will work together in the first Back to the Future Trilogy: The Exhbiit, tying in with the 35th anniversary of the original “Back to the Future” movie and the 30th anniversary of “Back to the Future Part 3.”

The museum will hold a private gala opening Dec. 5. 

The museum will pay tribute and honor all three Back to the Future movies, with special appearances by cast members and other stars in attendance. It will be the first ever “Back to the Future” exhbit ever held in the U.S., according to Dadigan.

The exhibit will consist of three popular sections, Hill Valley from 1955, Hill Valley from 1985 and Hill Valley from 1885. 

Rob Klein, a top “Back to the Future” collector and special guest curator for the exhibit, said, “ In my opinion, these three films are the most perfect in cinematic history. In fact Universal Studios wanted a fourth installment. However, both Bob Gale and Robert Zemeckis agreed that the trilogy should not be revisited as they felt they had created and produced a trilogy that could not get any better.” 

Dadigan, who is also the chair of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, chair of the Hollywood Historic Trust, and vice chair of the California Film Commission, said “We are beyond excited that fans of this movie franchise will be able to see original costumes and props, along with the ever-popular merchandise that fans of all ages loved to collect from all three films. There are more than 350 artifacts in this special one-of-a-kind exhibit, and many of these items have never been on public display before.”

Highlights from the exhibit include Christopher Lloyd’s robe from parts 1 and 3, Michael J. Fox’s ( Marty  western costume from part 3 and Mary Steenburgen’s dress and telescope from part 3. 

The iconic hero DeLorean time machine car from part 3 also will be part of the exhibit along with more than 350 original screen matched artifacts, screen accurate replicas, iconic costumes, photos and posters.

Thousands of hours have gone into mounting the exhibit with a dedicated team of the Hollywood Museum staff and world-renown collectors, including Rob Klein, Bob Gale, Bill and Patrick Shea, Nate Truman, Stephen Clarke and Paul Nigh. 

The Hollywood Museum in the historic Max Factor Building, 1660 N. Highland Ave., is a nonprofit corporation showcasing more than 10,000 authentic show business treasures, spotlighting 100 years of Hollywood history from the silent movies to talkies and to Hollywood’s Golden Era, film noir, television and its pioneer years.

The museum’s exhibits showcase the best in film, network and cable television, and new digital platforms featuring iconic and fan favorites.

The museum is open Wednesday through Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Admission ranges from $5 for children under 5 to $15 for adults.

Information: (323) 464-7776.

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