Judge Won’t Scuttle Injured Fan’s $50 Million Lawsuit Against McCourt, Dodgers

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LOS ANGELES (CNS) – Frank McCourt lost a bid today for a court order to
end a lawsuit brought by the family of Bryan Stow, accusing the former Dodgers
owner of financial bungling that led to poor security at the team’s stadium
when the San Francisco Giants fan was severely beaten two years ago.
The Stow family sued in 2011, alleging McCourt’s “lavish lifestyle” and
divorce resulted in mismanagement and reduced policing at Dodger Stadium on
the night of Stow’s near-fatal beating.
The plaintiffs, who are asking for $50 million, are also targeting three
of McCourt’s former Dodger-related entities.
In a move for summary judgment, McCourt’s lawyers argued that the
plaintiffs had failed to show that the former team executive had any “direct
involvement” with stadium security and couldn’t be held liable for the attack.
But in an early ruling, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Abraham Khan
indicated he agreed with Stow’s side that there are numerous triable issues of
fact, including McCourt’s alleged control of the team’s security budget, and
the lawsuit should go forward.
“The buck stopped with him,” Stow attorney Christopher Aumais said of
McCourt, adding that the Dodgers “had a duty” to eject trouble makers from
the stadium grounds.
Stow’s injuries from the March 31, 2011, attack allegedly committed by
Dodgers fans Louie Sanchez and Marvin Norwood resulted in the loss of a portion
of his skull.

Frank McCourt Photo by Gary McCarthy

Frank McCourt
Photo by Gary McCarthy

filed on behalf of the 44-year-old former Santa Cruz
paramedic and father of two alleges assault, battery, negligence, premises
liability, negligent hiring and both intentional and negligent infliction of
emotional distress. Trial is expected to begin next month.
Sanchez and Norwood, both of Rialto, are awaiting trial in their
criminal case. The Dodgers have filed a cross-complaint against the two men.


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