KylieCosmetics Under Fire For Leaked Personal Information

Over half of all internet users have researched a service or product online, but it seems that the entire population has swarmed to Kylie Jenner’s website to buy her coveted lip kits.

Every time Jenner, of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” fame, releases a new lip kit shade, the products sell out in seconds. Yet now thousands of the socialite’s customers aren’t sitting pretty due to a data breach discovered on Jenner’s website.

The website, KylieCosmetics, caught a technical error that released account information of previously registered users. Their email addresses, personal information, order history, and credit card information were all released in the breach.

According to the report, when makeup aficionados would go onto Jenner’s website, another customer’s data would display. Furthermore, every time they would refresh the page, a new customer’s information would pop up.

The technical glitch was temporarily fixed, but at the time of the breach, more than one million kits were sold. This translates to the same amount of accounts accessed.

As for Jenner, she was not aware of the breach until she was notified on social media by her fans.

Upset, she took to Twitter to apologize to her fans. As reported in the Inquisitr, the 18-year-old entrepreneur wrote “I’m going to change our holding page (‘the line’ which keeps my site from crashing because of the mass amounts of people). And find an alternative that still keeps my site up and running. I don’t like it either. But I love you guys and my passion for my business is very serious.”

This is not the first time KylieCosmetics has been under fire. Earlier this year, reports surfaced that the lip kits were made under sweatshop-like conditions.

Employees claimed the makeup caused them to be physically ill because of the unclean environment. Minimum wage was all that was offered to employees, without benefits.

Spatz Laboratories, where the cosmetics are manufactured, denies all claims.

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