LA Couple Takes a Hike, Runs Into Justin Bieber While Doing So

It was just another ordinary day for one Los Angeles couple as they took a morning hike together — until they ran into Justin Bieber on a mountaintop.

According to TMZ, Mike Maedke and his wife were taking a hike in Runyon Canyon when they passed none other than Bieber himself, who was walking in the opposite direction.

“Hey Biebs, what’s up?” Maedke’s wife said, recognizing him.

So began a 20-minute conversation in which Bieber, 21, lamented about his life of fame and Hollywood, TMZ reports. The once-ubiquitous teen star has become notorious as an adult for highly publicized bad behavior, such drunk driving and other controversial actions.

“It’s so chaotic down there,” Bieber allegedly told the couple as they sat on a bench overlooking the Hollywood Hills.

The pop star also confided in the Maedkes about how much he missed his hometown in Canada, the couple said, and even played with a dog being walked nearby. He conversed with these total strangers as if he had nowhere else to be — at least until two girls recognized him and started screaming his name.

Before giving a fist-bump goodbye to the Maedkes, Bieber made sure to teach Mike how to take the perfect selfie as proof of their conversation.

Maybe Bieber is sincerely on the path toward turning over a new leaf in his life and career and shedding his arrogant persona, or maybe he’s just feeling a little remorse after being a punching bag at his recent Comedy Central roast. Either way, hiking clearly isn’t just the most popular thing to do on family vacations and camping trips — even Justin Bieber needs to take a hike and clear his head every once in a while, too.

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