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Lucas to locate museum in Exposition Park

LOS ANGELES — Exposition Park has been selected as the new home of filmmaker George Lucas’ Museum of Narrative Art, with the museum’s board of directors selecting the site over a competing bid from San Francisco.

“We have been humbled by the overwhelmingly positive support we received from both San Francisco and Los Angeles during our selection process,” a statement from the board said. “Settling on a location proved to be an extremely difficult decision precisely because of the desirability of both sites and cities.”

Board members thanked officials from both cities, but added that the South Los Angeles Promise Zone in which Exposition Park sits “best positions the museum to have the greatest impact on the broader community, fulfilling our goal of inspiring, engaging and educating a broad and diverse visitorship.”

“Exposition Park is a magnet for the region and accessible from all parts of the city. As a museum uniquely focused on narrative art, we look forward to becoming part of a dynamic museum community, surrounded by more than 100 elementary and high schools, one of the country’s leading universities as well as three other world-class museums.”

The museum will house works by painters such as Edgar Degas, Winslow Homer and Pierre-Auguste Renior; illustrations, comic art and photography by artists such as Norman Rockwell, Maxfield Parrish and N.C. Wyeth; as well as storyboards, props and other items from popular films, all in an effort to create a “barrier-free museum” where “artificial divisions between ‘high’ art and ‘popular’ art are absent,” the museum’s website said.

George Lucas
George Lucas

Lucas is best known for creating the “Star Wars” film franchise, producing the “Indiana Jones” franchise and founding Industrial Light & Magic, a visual effects company.

The filmmaker has connections to both Los Angeles and San Francisco. He has been a longtime resident of the Bay Area, where Industrial Light & Magic is located, and attended film school at USC, which is adjacent to Exposition Park.

In 2015, he donated $10 million to his alma mater.


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