Mayor serves jury duty

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Eric Garcetti Photo by Gary McCarthy

Eric Garcetti
Photo by Gary McCarthy


From City News Service

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti was released from jury duty after spending the day at the downtown criminal courts building without being impaneled for a trial Monday.

Garcetti reported to the Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center shortly after 9 a.m., according to Garcetti spokesman Yusef Robb.

The mayor “doesn’t have to call in or go to court tomorrow,” Robb said.

Garcetti was seen seated among other prospective jurors tapping on his smart phone. He posted a message on Twitter about the death of TV pitchman Cal Worthington and reached out to an irate Los Angeles resident who said her trash was not collected three days ago.

If nothing is done to rectify the matter,  “I’m dumping my trash in front of the mayor’s house,” the constituent said. Garcetti promised to look into the matter. When the constituent said she had already used the city’s mobile application to report the delay, he responded with, “Truck should be on the way.”

Garcetti returned to City Hall during his lunch break to attend meetings, Robb said.

During his time as a prospective juror, the mayor was accompanied by staff members who could “go get him” if a city emergency developed, Robb said.

Former Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa was a potential juror on a murder trial in 2005, but was dismissed after three days of reporting for jury duty.

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