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LOS ANGELES (CNS) – A state appeals court panel rejected a bid by the ex-
wife of former Dodgers owner Frank McCourt to have their divorce settlement

Frank and Jamie McCourt Dodgers season opening day 2005. Photo by Gary McCarthy

Frank and Jamie McCourt Dodgers season opening day 2005.
Photo by Gary McCarthy

Jamie McCourt claimed her ex-husband underestimated the value of the
National League franchise when she agreed to a $131 million divorce settlement.
She argued that he owes her $770 million.
A Los Angeles Superior Court judge rejected her arguments, leading to
the appeal. A three-judge panel of the state’s 2nd District Court of Appeal
upheld the judge’s decision on Tuesday.
Jamie McCourt claimed she settled with Frank McCourt for $131 million,
plus a tax indemnity and a share of the couple’s residences, because he
fraudulently persuaded her that his assets, including the baseball franchise,
were worth $300 million.
Frank McCourt sold the team for $2.15 billion in March 2012, six months
after the couple announced their settlement.
The McCourts were married in November 1979 and have four sons. Frank
McCourt bought the Dodgers in 2004.
In the lawsuit, Jamie claims her former spouse gave her various
estimates of the Dodgers’ value, from $2 billion in 2004 to less than $300
million in 2009.

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