Nina Dobrev Has Abandoned Her Signature Long Locks in Favor of a Chic Bob

Nina Dobrev has been the envy of hair enthusiasts everywhere since her gorgeous brown locks premiered in Degrassi and later in the hit CW show The Vampire Diaries. Dobrev has outgrown the show, and has apparently outgrown her long locks as well.

That’s right. Dobrev premiered a chic bob at the London premiere of xXx: Return of Xander Cage on January 10, just one day after her birthday. The Vampire Diaries star wore the new ‘do in loose, tousled waves that made for a simple look to really make her smoky eye pop.

Just 48 hours before her appearance in London, Dobrev still had her long locks. Her hair was styled in Old Hollywood-style curls and pinned back on one side. The curls cascaded in waves down her face and down her arms, creating a truly nostalgic Old Hollywood look. The red lipstick and dress only further immersed Dobrev in the classic look.

Dobrev’s long-time hairstylist Riawna Capri explained that even before the short hair trend took off, the star has been itching to lop off her long hair. Dobrev’s hair was the envy of many fans who may mourn its loss as they step further into the new year.

Hair loss affects approximately 50% of women in their lifetime, but Dobrev’s locks have been full and gorgeous since day one. It makes sense that fans would mourn her decision to abandon the luscious length.

But Dobrev and Capri are both excited about the new look. “It’s 2017, new year, her birthday is Jan 9, so we did a birthday chop!” said Capri of the new style. Thanks to Dobrev’s excitement, fans can even watch the whole event unfold in an Instagram video.

Capri said that Dobrev’s look is unique in that it’s “an asymmetrical, textured choppy yet blunt bob.” She added that she predicts this is just a small glimpse of what 2017 holds in store for Hollywood hairstyles.

She explained that 2016 was filled with “light, wispy, and airy” styles, but that 2017 is starting to lean more towards “more structure — blunt yet still textured” looks. Capri added that short hair brings focus to the face, neck and shoulders, something that Dobrev’s signature long hair never did.

Apparently Dobrev was so excited about the change that she planned her London premiere wardrobe around it. Dobrev was previously unable to perform the chop because film projects prevented her from doing so, but now the star is ready to take on acting with a fresh new look.

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