Pedal Your Way To A Stress-Free Work Day

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Boutique-indoor cycling clubs like SoulCycle and FlyWheel started a generation of spin obsessed endorphin-addicts including the Crier team! While we love going to weekend classes, it isn’t practical for us to attend during the week. When we signed FitDesk™ we were ecstatic to have found a way to boost our endorphins and stay fit while in the office.

Fitting exercise into a stressed, work-centric society is FitDesk™’s primary focus with their patent-pending stationery bike. Fitted with a desk top, FitDesk™ allows you to comfortably use your laptop at work while pedaling your stress away. Type your emails, finish your presentation and meet your deadlines all while reducing your stress level and getting fit. What are you doing to live a fit, stress-free life?

The exclusive FitDesk™ design includes:

Massage rollers strategically placed for daily relief from typing strain
Squeeze grips to strengthen hands
Resistance bands to build upper body strength
A premium comfort saddle
An easy locking, compact folding design
A quiet, twin belt, high velocity flywheel to deliver a “big bike” feel in a light weight product
A performance meter with odometer
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June is National Employee Wellness Month, Celebrate with FitDesk™

The annual initiative helps business leaders learn how to successfully engage employees in healthy lifestyles. Putting a FitDesk™ in the workplace is the perfect way to participate!

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Please let me know if you need any additional information and thank you for considering! P.S. Yes, that is me on the bike!


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