Philip Stein aka Estaño retrospective at the Pico House

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The World Stage is a fifty year retrospective of the painting & drawings of social justice painter Philip Stein aka Estaño who lived to be 90.  Throughout his long artistic career, Stein used his brush to paint the socio-economic plight of the poor and unrepresented. Civil rights, women’s rights and the rights of nature are some of the struggles these historically charged paintings address. Sometimes the narrative unfolds in the guise of mythology. Man against man, man against the four natural elements and in fortunate if fleeting moments, a people in harmony with those same elements.

Stein’s paintings resonate with the strength and agency that grassroots people can generate in effecting social justice as we enter the 21st century.

Art Meets Architecture and Take My Picture are proud to join forces with El Pueblo to present The World Stage at the Pico House

 The World Stage at the Pico House Photo by Gary McCarthy

The World Stage at the Pico House
Photo by Gary McCarthy

, located at N. 424 Main Street, LA 90012.

The World Stage retrospective runs from July 2-July 29 and is open to the public Tuesday -Saturday from10am-4pm.


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