Pizza Hut ‘Pie Tops’ Let You Order Pizza With Shoes

In the ongoing Pizza Wars of 2017, the nation’s biggest pizza chains seem to be doing everything they can to appeal to a millennial audience. Dominos recently launched a pizza wedding registry and famously gave away a 22-carat pizza-shaped engagement ring on its Facebook page, and last year, the company made it possible to order a pie simply by typing the pizza emoji into a tweet.

Not to be outdone, Pizza Hut Japan is jumping back into the cat craze and will be reopening its spoof store, Pizza Cat!, which is run entirely by a team of felines. Here in the States, Pizza Hut is now offering something really special: high-top sneakers that allow you to place an order for pizza with the touch of a button. As the company says in an introductory commercial, “Yes, really.”

The company launched its Pizza Hut Pie Tops to commemorate its sponsorship of the NCAA March Madness tournament. The custom-made, deliciously 90’s basketball shoes connect with a coordinating Pie Tops app. When the button on the tongue of the shoe is pressed, the wearer can place an order.

In a statement, Pizza Hut noted, “The app also performs some important checks to ensure there are no mistakes. For example, if a user presses the button while located outside the saved default address, the app will ask to confirm location.” Even the feel of the press (such as a held sensation or a few quick pushes) can be customized to prevent accidental orders.

When it comes to high end leather shoes, consumers can increase the lifespan of their shoes by 10 times just by using a shoe tree or leather polish, but these babies are so hard to come by that you may not even want to wear them outside, should you ever get a pair. The company is giving away some Pie Tops to fans and brand influencers, but only a limited number will be made available for purchase.

Even though these shoes aren’t easy to get your hands on feet in, the company wants to make sure pizza is just a few clicks away. Pizza Hut has branched out, offering several ways for customers to place their orders, including an app and mobile site, as well as Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon-based offerings like Echo, Echo Dot, and Fire TV.

Pizza Hut has been struggling to keep up with its competitors in the Pizza Wars as of late, but it’s possible the brand could turn it around with these innovative, pizza-ordering sneakers.

If nothing else, at least these viral pizza marketing schemes aren’t boring.

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