Renters Day

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LOS ANGELES (CNS) – Renters’ advocates converged on Los Angeles City
Hall today to call attention to what they call a scarcity of affordable housing
in the city.
Maria Gomez, a long-time renter in South Los Angeles, urged the City
Council to invest in housing that is within the reach of low-income residents,
saying most housing being built caters only to “rich people.”
“There have been too many evictions in our community,” Gomez said.
“So you also need to invest in affordable housing so our families are not
displaced from their communities.”
Gomez is a member of the Alliance of Californians for Community
Empowerment, which was one of numerous groups that crowded into the council
Their efforts were supported by Councilman

 Gil Cedillo Photo by Gary McCarthy

Gil Cedillo
Photo by Gary McCarthy

, who introduced a
resolution to declare April 23, 2014, “Renters’ Day,” in acknowledgement of
the 60 percent of Los Angeles residents who are renters “and help drive Los
Angeles’ economy.”
The council is expected to vote on the resolution retroactively at a
future meeting.
Cedillo said the city is facing a “housing crisis,” with not enough
housing stock available “at every level — market rate, poor, the homeless,
veterans, special needs, college graduates, new workforce.”
“We simply cannot do enough to support development of housing and to
ensure that every Angeleno has a right to quality housing and quality services
in the city,” he said.
Cedillo’s resolution refers to a “renewed development boom,
particularly in transit-oriented development areas, which creates an
opportunity to ensure the protection and expansion of the rental housing stock
at all income levels.”
It also calls on President Barack Obama and Congress to make affordable
housing a priority and funding the National Housing Trust Fund.


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