San Diego SeaWorld Brings Underseas Adventures to Life With Electric Ocean

For many, the ocean is an unfamiliar place. Known as the Earth’s final frontier, only about 10% of the world’s oceans have been discovered and mapped, due to in part the lack of visibility in the sea.

If the sea wasn’t so dark, we would be able to see many different colorful species of wildlife and their different habitats. SeaWorld, however, it out to change that. 

The San Diego SeaWorld has recently released a new nighttime show that is meant to give spectators a taste of what the bottom of the ocean looks like. Called Electric Ocean, this show is full of brilliant colors that were created to be similar to the vibrant species found right underneath the ocean’s surface. 

These bright colors are made possible with the help of vivid LED lights. So while typical underwater dock LED lights let you see everything under water including marine life for up to 34 years, this show lets you witness the spectacle above ground.

“The goal of Electric Ocean is to showcase the ocean’s bioluminescence, which is the emission of light released by organisms deep undersea. Lasers and lights will create a fantastical simulated underwater experience, inspired by the sea with bioluminescent animals floating through the sky,” explains SeaWorld’s vice president of entertainment Rick Schuiteman, to the San Diego Tribune. “This unique event will transform the park into a canvas painted with light.”

There will be eight different attractions that will be part of Electric Ocean. Some examples include:

    • IllumiNight: Acrobatics, LED laser light shows, live musicians, and animal puppets that fly over the audience.


    • Atlantis Ignites: The parks water coaster brings guests on an underwater mapping adventure. But the best part is that it only takes place at night!


    • Manta reCHARGED: This rollercoaster boasts new special effects such as music, lights, and a laser show.


If interested in seeing what the great sea has to offer, head over to SeaWorld San Diego right away. Electric Ocean will only be available until September 4.

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