Shred Skate Festival

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SAN PEDRO (CNS) – A festival started in response to kids taking
skateboarding to deadly extremes returns this weekend in San Pedro with several
events promoting safety in the hilly community that makes it popular for
dangerous downhill skating.
The San Pedro Skate Park Culver City18: Festival of Skate kicks off at 10 a.m. Saturday on
Gaffey Street Lookout between 32nd Street and Paseo Del Mar in San Pedro.
The event, which requires helmets and slide gloves for all skaters,
showcases the diversity of skateboarding from downhill to street to transition.
The downhill “Slide Jam” event is open only to professional skateboarders,
according to organizers.
“We just want to promote community, safe skateboarding and this kind of
skate everything ethos, which is ride downhill, ramp, street,” Marcus Bandy
of Wheelbase Magazine, which sponsors the event, said.
The festival was organized two years ago in response to community
concerns over injuries and deaths that happened in San Pedro, where kids rode
down hills at speed up to 45 mph in death-defying stunts that were later posted
on YouTube.
“We kind of got together to create some safety awareness and we wanted
the kids to be aware how they are breaking traffic laws and how unsafe that can
be,” said Otto Henke, a co-organizer of the San Pedro Shred. “We wanted to
create this event to bring awareness to the community.”
The focus is not all serious. Brad Parker, a skater who plans to take
part in the San Pedro Shred, said the festival celebrates all kinds of
skateboarding. There’s even a smaller hill where more experienced skaters will
teach beginners how to go down a hill and slide properly to avoid injury.
“It’s just a really fun way to expose skateboarding to everybody,”
Parker said.
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