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Stan Freberg passes on at 88

SANTA MONICA (CNS) – Comedian, voice actor and satirist Stan Freberg,
who gained fame with his parodies of popular music, his satirical advertising
campaigns and his penchant for poking fun at American culture, died today in
Santa Monica at age 88.
“He was, and will always be my hero and I will carry his brilliant
legacy forward as best I am able,” his son, Donavan Freberg, wrote on
Variety reported that Freberg had been suffering from respiratory
problems and pneumonia.
A Pasadena native, Freberg worked as a voice actor for Warner Bros.,
lending his voice to cartoons such as “Roughly Squeaking” and “It’s a Grand
Old Nag.” He voiced a dog in the Bugs Bunny cartoon “Foxy By Proxy” and was
Pete Puma in “Rabbit’s Kin” in 1952. He was the voice of Beaver in Disney’s
“Lady and the Tramp.”
Freberg made appearances in a handful of films, including a non-speaking
part in the ensemble comedy “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World.”
His true fame, however, came with his satirical recordings, in which he
performed comic send-ups of popular songs, such as Elvis Presley’s “Heartbreak
Hotel,” and television shows, including “Dragnet.” He had a pair of 1950s
radio programs on which he would skewer politicians such as Sen. Joseph
McCarthy. The shows were often punctuated by satirical advertisements for fake
The ads eventually inspired him to open his own advertising agency,
directing satirical campaigns for products ranging from Jeno’s pizza to
Contadina tomato paste and Sunsweet prunes.

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