Studies Show Mona Lisa’s Smile Belongs to Male Lover of da Vinci

A smile is the window to your soul. Over 96% of people believe an attractive smile makes them more appealing to the opposite sex. In Leonardo da Vinci’s case however, the famous smile the world has come to know on his Mona Lisa is said to belong to his male lover.

Italian art detective Silvano Vincenti has recently announced that after analyzing the painting for years he believes the Mona Lisa is not just based on Florentine Lisa Gherardini, but also on the artist’s apprentice and probable male lover Gian Giacomo Caprotti.

Vincenti, head of a research group called the National Committee for Cultural Heritage, based his findings on infra-red examination.

He tells The Telegraph, “The Mona Lisa is androgynous — half man and half woman.”

Vincenti claims that Mona Lisa’s nose, forehead, and smile are strikingly similar to other da Vinci works where he used Caprotti as a model. Among them are portraits of St. John the Baptist and an erotic drawing, “Incarnate Angel,” which shows a young man with an erection.

Caprotti entered da Vinci’s household when he was 10 years old and worked with him for over two decades. It was here he was given the nickname Salai, which means Little Devil.

For the past four years, Vincenti has been working in Florence trying to find the answer to a question that has divided scholars for years. He has been excavating beneath an old convent in the hopes of finding Gherardini’s bones and skull.

These claims were once again met with skepticism from other art history experts, who said that little is known about Salai’s appearance, so it is impossible to make an educated claim.

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