Tentrr, the Airbnb of Camping, Debuts and Is a Celebrity Hit

A full 70% of camping is done in public campgrounds, but sometimes, a relaxing vacation can be easily interrupted with a group of loud neighbors.

Take New Yorker Michael D’Agostino for example. The former Wall Street executive took a trip into the countryside with his wife a couple years back, hoping to find some peace and quiet.

Instead, they were surprised when their New Jersey campsite was located directly next to a gaggle of witches. According to D’Agostino, “There were 40 Wiccans having a convention, drinking mead, and one of them ran by claiming she’d seen a UFO. It was like camping in Times Square. That led me to say, ‘something could change here,’“ according to the New York Business Journal.

So, Tentrr was born. This model, similar to Airbnb but for campers, takes advantage of a sharing economy between those who love to camp, and the convenience of booking online in the digital world we all live in.

Their goal is to bring back that picturesque, old-fashioned charm of being surrounded by nature. D’Agostino explains, “This is a legacy industry that’s massive and hasn’t really changed since the Civil War. It made no sense to take people living on top of each other in the city, and then taking them to the country to do the same thing.”

That is not to say that these modern day campsites have a lack of modern amenities. Tentrr acquires their campsites from people who sign up to rent a portion of their private property, and according to their guidelines the campsites must be on at least 10 acres of land, reasonably accessible, and it has to be located in an area where campers can park close by.

On top of that, the campsites are hassle free. There is no exchanging of keys. They’re completely private. And, they’re equipped with everything and anything you may need.

There are about 100 campsites erected all over New York, and are starting to expand into New Hampshire, Maine, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania. In the future D’Agostino plans to bring Tentrr to the Pacific Northwest, hoping to expand to 10,000 within the next five years.

There are more than 16,000 public and privately owned campgrounds nationwide, so for campers, the options are endless.

Even famed actor Benedict Cumberbatch believes in the idea, and is listed as one of the investors in the million-dollar business.

And Cumberbatch isn’t the only celebrity that is looking to have a private, secluded vacation. Celebrities of all ages are flocking not only to Tentrr, but to Airbnb to rent a secluded spot for their holidays.

Beyonce started the trend by flaunting the Airbnb she stayed in earlier this year during Super Bowl 50 on social media. The only difference between her Airbnb and an average listing is that hers cost $10,000 per night.

So what comes with that rental space besides a hefty price tag? This modernly furnished home is situated on an 11-acre property that boasts a gym, a vanished edge pool, 60 fruit trees, a vegetable garden, a chicken coop, and a hefty wine cellar.

Gwyneth Paltrow quickly followed suit, booking her luxurious ocean side villa in Punta Mita, Mexico. Continuing with the major trend, celebs continued to book their Airbnbs left and right across the continent. Kourtney Kardashian went to Nantucket. Selena Gomez also went to Mexico. Kendal Jenner went to Malibu. Lastly, Emma Stone stayed in one while she filmed Aloha in Hawaii.

Oh celebrities, they’re just like us.

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