The Latest Trend in Hollywood Hair Extensions: Bright, Rainbow-Hued Hair

Summer 2015 is out of this world — when it comes to the biggest hair styles and colors, that is. This summer’s trendiest hair colors, which include bright blues, lavenders, pinks and more, are colors you’d likely picture on a My Little Pony doll before picturing them on a person.

Just look at any of Hollywood’s biggest names and you’ll see the technicolor trend in all its glory.

Katy Perry, who has sported nearly every shade of the rainbow in her hair for years, rocked a lavender bob at this year’s Grammy Awards and has kept her hair a stunning emerald green for most of 2015.

At this month’s Teen Choice Awards, Britney Spears debuted chic blue and purple hair extensions to complement her blonde waves — and when hair extensions can cost anywhere from $300 to $10,000, they’re definitely one of the biggest beauty investments. Singer Rita Ora also went with a bright, fantasy color for her Teen Choice Awards hairstyle, opting for pin-straight pink hair, HollywoodLife.com reported.

Celebs like Kesha and Nicole Richie have also jumped on the trend. And, of course, there’s Kylie Jenner, who has become famous for her signature teal hair extensions.

This spotlight-stealing hair trend isn’t just for the stars anymore, either. Lori Karnes, creative color educator and owner of Pinups and Pomade Salon in Louisville, KY, says more and more of her customers are looking for these unnatural hues.

“Fantasy haircolor has moved into the mainstream,” Karnes told the Louisville Courier-Journal. “In the last year, I’ve seen a wider range of ages — and even people with corporate jobs coming in for it. I have two clients with pastel hair who work at Humana.”

Luckily, if you’re afraid of damaging your hair with harsh dyes and chemicals, you can still rock the rainbow hair look without hurting your locks. Several hair extension makers now offer affordable clip-in hair extensions in a wide variety of bright, stunning colors.

There’s no better way to make your beachy waves really grab people’s attention this summer.

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