The Nintendo Switch Release Date is Rapidly Approaching: Here’s What We Know

Video games might not be the biggest industry in the world (yet), but Nintendo certainly has the world riled up about the upcoming debut of its newest gaming system, the Nintendo Switch. The new platform is tailor-made for a mobile generation, as the system can switch back and forth from a traditional video game console to a handheld device.

The first ad showed the world the potential the Switch has to reach a new generation of gamers, and things are starting to get real as the release date inches closer.

The newest promotional material is edging away from the glamorous side of the Switch and getting into the reality of how gamers will actually use this technology. A recent German ad for the console actually begins with a player on the toilet using the gadget. Safe to say, Nintendo has a pretty good idea of just how casual the use of their newest device will be.

In addition to advertisements for the console itself, the games for the Switch are being talked about non-stop in the gaming world. The tally so far is 10, but there are two games in particular that are generating a lot of hype.

First, there’s “Super Mario Odyssey”. The ad for the game features Mario traveling from realistic settings that look a lot like New York City to cartoonish foreign worlds. It’s unclear what the objective of the game might be, but appearances by Princess Peach, Luigi, and other characters certainly imply that it’s going to be a Mario adventure for the ages.

Then there’s the most anticipated game for the Switch: “Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild,” which has been teased for almost a full year. Video game enthusiasts finally got a chance to demo the game over the summer, where the gorgeous animation and huge world were finally revealed. This game is anticipated for many reasons, but one of the most surprising is the voice acting. Zelda games have rarely used any voice acting in the past, so to hear characters have full conversations is something new for Zelda fans everywhere.

This is only a taste of what is to come when the Switch is finally released on March 3. For now, the paper and print industry might be eight times bigger than video games, but that’s changing as video gaming becomes a massive international industry.

Now, Nintendo has certainly given the video game world something to look forward to.

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