Uber Car Left Dangling Off Parking Structure in Dramatic WeHo Accident

An Uber driver narrowly avoided being injured when his car was struck and pushed into the stairwell of an elevated parking structure at a West Hollywood CVS last week.

“I managed to get out after the collision. Five seconds after the collision I jumped out from my driver’s side and I helped the other car,” Jensen Martinez told the local NBC station.

Martinez was about to let a party of four into the car when an SUV hit his sedan. He was able to react quickly enough to take off his seatbelt and escape through the car’s window. Both vehicles ended up wedged in the stairwell.

Reports as to the person or persons in the SUV have varied, with some saying it was a couple and others saying the driver was an apparently homeless man who had fallen asleep at the wheel. Deputies also initially indicated that three vehicles may have been involved, but then revised that number down to two. Officials have not yet released an official statement on that aspect of the accident, though they have confirmed the time and that no people were injured either in or outside the vehicles.

Although no one was hurt, both cars sustained significant damage (fortunately, there are about 87,032 auto repair shops in the country).

It took several hours for firefighters to pull the cars out of the stairwell using a heavy rescue tow vehicle, according to the local CBS station.

The accident took place at about 11 p.m. on a Thursday evening. The parking garage is located on La Cienega Boulevard near Santa Monica Boulevard. No arrests had been made as of press time.

Uber has become increasingly popular in Los Angeles, and officials are even looking at allowing it (and other ride-sharing services such as Lyft) to operate at Los Angeles International Airport, where it would be able to serve both locals and tourists better.

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