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WeHo discusses housing programs with residents

WEST HOLLYWOOD — The city conducted two community conversations with residents last month about the city’s housing policies and programs.

City staff members from the Housing and Rent Stabilization Division were available to discuss programs that are underway and planned, to obtain feedback from the community and to get a better sense of what members of the community hope for regarding city housing programs. More than 100 members of the community participated and provided input in meetings at Plummer Park on the city’s eastside and at the West Hollywood Library.

“Housing is one of the city’s main concerns,” Mayor Pro Tempore Lauren Meister said. “The community is passionate about the topic of housing, because it’s an issue that affects everyone. Community conversations are an excellent way to engage residents, hear concerns and incorporate creative ideas into future planning on housing issues.”

Attendees were invited to complete surveys and offer suggestions on the future of housing in the city and staff members are in the process of examining the feedback received to guide future housing programs and policies, including addressing the need for more affordable housing.

Last year, the city celebrated the 30-year milestone of its landmark Rent Stabilization Ordinance, which the City Council adopted in June 1985. Upon its adoption, it became one of the strictest rent control laws in the country and it became a model for other cities across the nation.

This year, the city will recognize 30-year anniversary of inclusionary housing in West Hollywood, which was adopted by the City Council on April 17, 1986.

The city’s Rent Stabilization and Housing Division is dedicated to programs that promote a strong and vibrant residential community. The city provides information and counseling services to both tenants and owners of residential rental properties, which includes in-house counseling services and written materials. The city also facilitates the development of new housing, the rehabilitation of existing buildings and the development of mixed-use projects with a housing component.

Residents who could not attend one of the January meetings but are interested in providing input or feedback may contact J. Peter Noonan, rent stabilization and housing manager at (323) 848-6596.



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