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WeHo installs four new pedestrian crosswalk signals

WEST HOLLYWOOD — The city has completed installation of four new traffic signals at pedestrian crosswalks on Santa Monica Boulevard, located between Robertson Boulevard and La Cienega Boulevard.

The city’s number-one priority is public safety, and the new traffic signals will enhance the safety of pedestrians and drivers.

The signalized crosswalks are located at Santa Monica Boulevard and Palm Avenue, Hancock Avenue, Westmount Drive and West Knoll Drive.

The Santa Monica Boulevard crosswalk signalization project includes the installation of new curbs, gutters, sidewalks, curb ramps, electrical connections, pavement, traffic signage, traffic striping pavement markings and modified concrete median islands.

The constant movement of heavy vehicular traffic and pedestrians in close proximity is an ongoing challenge in the city, which is continuously exploring a mix of measures to address pedestrian safety and manage traffic congestion.

The crosswalk signalization project is part of the city’s three-part plan pedestrian safety — Engineering, Enforcement and Education — approved by the City Council in 2014.

Additional engineering enhancements implemented during the past three years also include: in-street pedestrian crosswalk signage, which are bright neon yellow vertical signs posted at lane lines to warn drivers that it is “state law to yield to pedestrians in crosswalks,” and feflective raised pavement markers installed at edges of crosswalks, which help to alert motorists of crosswalk locations.

On a regular basis, deputies from the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station conduct crosswalk operations at various locations throughout the city in an effort to improve pedestrian safety as part of the city’s enforcement plan for pedestrian safety.

In October 2014, the city launched a comprehensive crosswalk safety campaign aimed at encouraging drivers and pedestrians to pay more attention to crosswalks and to devote less time to digital distractions, such as text messages, emails and social media.

For additional information about the City of West Hollywood’s efforts to ensure pedestrian safety and to brush-up on safety tips for walkers, please visit www.weho.org/pedestriansafety.

For information about the crosswalk signalization project, contact the Department of Public Works at (323) 848-6375.


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