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WeHo installs ‘selfie wall’ micro park at City Hall

WEST HOLLYWOOD — The city of West Hollywood has launched its Micro-Parks Pilot Program with the installation of its first micro-park — the #WeLoveWeHo “selfie wall” at West Hollywood City Hall, 8300 Santa Monica Blvd.

Designed by architects Terri Moore and Marcus Friesl, the micro-park encourages residents and visitors to interact with the east-facing wall of City Hall by posing in front of it and using the hashtag #WeLoveWeHo in order to create digital posts to share on social media.

“The wall is a visual representation of what so many people feel: a great deal of love for our community,” Mayor Pro Tempore John Heilman said. “We are really fortunate to have so many residents, business people, and visitors who love West Hollywood.”

The wall consists of multi-colored hearts shaped in the geography of the city of West Hollywood, a design inspiration that was first popularized by the city’s logo, which also uses the city’s geographic boundaries for its icon.

The micro-park provides passers-by with an innovative perspective on the traditional park and its bold colors brim with positive affirmations of love, community, togetherness and optimism. As a selfie spot, the wall aims to bring people together, whether standing next to it or logging in from across the miles to view posts through social media.

“Our new micro-park at City Hall is a colorful reminder of the love and optimism that West Hollywood’s values are rooted in,” Councilman John D’Amico said. “With our little park, we can now beam #WeLoveWeHo photos through the Internet and share the love across the miles.”

“Public space is for the public and small spaces like this can be reimagined in fresh ways,” Councilwoman Lindsey P. Horvath said. “I’m excited to see how people use this new creative space to make it their own — and to share with friends on social media.”

The temporary installation is a project of the city’s Micro-Park Pilot Program, which activates underutilized spaces within the city during the renovation of West Hollywood Park. The mural is anticipated to remain in place for 12 to 18 months.

A seating component will be installed during the coming weeks. The micro-park will be one of four to be installed at various sites throughout the city during the coming months.

Information: Garen Gary Srapyan at (323) 848-6827.


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