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West Hollywood begins traffic management program

WEST HOLLYWOOD — The city has launched a pilot online process to accept proposals and statements of support from residents who wish to implement recommendations from neighborhood petitions as part of the city’s neighborhood traffic management program.

The aim is to make residential streets safer and more comfortable for everyone.

The city’s traffic management program is focused on improving the quality of life in local neighborhoods by reducing cut-through traffic on residential streets, slowing traffic, creating safer walking and bicycling conditions and providing greening opportunities.

With the program, residents work together in a community consensus-building process with city staff to find solutions to traffic issues on neighborhood streets. In a collaborative process, the solutions are then implemented with a high level of community participation.

The program recently launched an online petition process as a pilot program to make it easier for residents and neighborhoods to access information, gather support and take part in expressing support to advance traffic calming proposals recommended by recent citywide traffic studies.

The program incorporates a five-step process for traffic-calming solutions developed with recommendations from several comprehensive neighborhood traffic studies involving analysis, neighborhood participation and input.

The steps include written requests initiated by an individual or a neighborhood group, data collection and analysis, which includes a staff evaluation on the feasibility of the requests; community involvement; a review by the city’s Transportation Commission and City Council; and, pending council approval, implementation.

The data collection and analysis can take several weeks for basic requests or a longer time if speed surveys, traffic volume counts, crashes, bicycle routes, pedestrian activity and impacts on neighboring streets information is required.

Community meetings are held to collect general information about neighborhood concerns. If the request moves forward, there may be follow-up meetings to discuss potential solutions. More than 50 percent consensus is needed in order to implement some projects.

Community members who are interested in learning more about current traffic calming proposals recommended by recent citywide traffic studies, can visit the city’s neighborhood traffic management program web page at www.weho.org/trafficcalming.

For more information, contact Walter Davis, at (323) 848-6328.

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