West Hollywood installs six new speed signs

WEST HOLLYWOOD — The city has installed solar-powered radar speed indicator signs along Fountain Avenue and on North San Vicente Boulevard in order to remind drivers to drive within the speed limit.

Six new yellow digital numeral signs provide real-time visual feedback to drivers about how fast their vehicles are moving.

There are two signs on Fountain Avenue near Formosa Avenue, another two signs on Fountain near La Cienega Boulevard; and two more signs on North San Vicente Boulevard at Rosewood Avenue.

The signs are intended to increase driver awareness of excessive speed and encourage speeders to slow down. Speed citations are regularly issued through enforcement by West Hollywood Sheriff’s deputies.

Electronic variable message signs — trailer-mounted programmable signs that urge drivers to slow down — have also been placed on Fountain Avenue to encourage drivers to abide by posted speed limits.

Installation of the signs is part of the city’s coordinated plan to increase pedestrian, bicycle and vehicular safety with “Engineering, Education and Enforcement,” which was approved by the City Council in October 2014.

The constant movement of people driving, walking and bicycling in close proximity is an ongoing challenge in West Hollywood and in cities across the nation. The city is continuously exploring a mix of measures to address pedestrian and bicycle safety and manage traffic congestion. In 2017, the city installed new signalized pedestrian crosswalks along Santa Monica Boulevard and in 2016 the city added bicycle lanes on Fairfax Avenue.

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