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West Hollywood issues third emergency order

WEST HOLLYWOOD — The city is making every effort to respond to community needs during the coronavirus public health emergency. 

City Manager Paul Arevalo issued a third emergency executive order May 14, 2020 implementing emergency measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The order addresses a wide range of measures including face covering requirements, traffic easement, taxes and fees, construction noise and neighborhood meetings. 

Under the order, all persons, including essential workers, must wear face coverings, such as scarves (dense fabric without holes), bandanas, neck gaiters or similar coverings anytime they are out in public. N95 or medical-grade masks should be reserved for health care workers and first responders. 

Face coverings are not required for children under 2, anyone who has trouble breathing, or is otherwise unable to remove the face covering without assistance. Children between 2 and 8 should only wear face coverings with adult supervision. 

The city’s annual rent stabilization fee ($144 per dwelling unit charged for all units covered by the rent increase limit in the rent stabilization ordinance, will remain due July 1 under the order. However, any corresponding late fee for late payments are waived if the fee is paid by Oct. 15.  

Due to the closure of city facilities and the inability to safely open the city’s cooling centers for seniors, the city will deliver fans to senior citizens who request fans during high-heat days that the cooling center would have regularly been open to the public.

Construction noise is prohibited between the hours of 5 p.m. and 8 a.m., unless authorized through an extended hours permit. The rule does not apply to the city’s construction projects deemed by the City Council April 6 to be essential to the city.

The annual parking credits payments to the city, due in July are being deferred this year until September. The 12-month fee will be prorated and businesses will only pay for nine months of parking credits.

Upon written request to the city manager each month and throughout the period of declared local emergency, remittance of monthly transient occupancy tax from a hotel to the city may be deferred for a period not to exceed 30 days;

For businesses that alter business operations in response to COVID-19 and require a temporary use permit to accomplish those changes in operations, the temporary use permit fee is waived for temporary uses exercised during the period of the declared local emergency;

“The city … is continuing to respond to needs as issues arise from this unprecedented pandemic,” outgoing Mayor John D’Amico said. “As some restrictions are gradually changing at the state and county level, it is vital, now more than ever, that we all do our part to help protect ourselves. 

“In West Hollywood, we will protect one another by requiring face coverings every time we leave the house. … We’re all learning how to fight this disease and we know that prevention is the best medicine. Let’s listen to our medical experts and abide by wearing face coverings when we’re in public. When we look out for one another, we are truly stronger together.”

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