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West Hollywood launches new water conservation campaign

WEST HOLLYWOOD — The city this week launched a new water conservation campaign aimed at encouraging residents and businesses to make adjustments in their daily routines in order to conserve water.

The campaign features a 60-second public service announcement video entitled “Winter Is Coming, But the Drought Is Far From Over.”

Designed as a mock TV-series preview trailer, the video is based on the hit HBO series “Game of Thrones.” The one-minute experience takes audiences on a dramatic journey. Instead of traveling through the mythical land of Westeros, viewers travel on a storybook tour of what West Hollywood may look like when the water runs out. The video is available on the city’s WeHoTV YouTube Channel at https://youtu.be/ybKFa2X6RB8.

The video is being released in partnership with Change the Course, a first-of-its-kind water sustainability campaign that leverages its partners — Participant Media, National Geographic Society, and the Bonneville Environmental Foundation — to engage communities in understanding how daily choices affect water usage and to inspire people to take action in their own lives and pledge to conserve water.

The city’s water conservation campaign also will roll out with a comprehensive advertising and social media effort called “Keep it Dirty,” which features provocative imagery — a soapy stud, a burly beefcake, a little red dress, and stilettos in the driver’s seat. Each image comes complete with a suggestive water conservation message.

Advertising will be featured in local print and online publications and on transit-shelter ads located throughout the city. The city will promote “Keep it Dirty” water-conservation messages on social media, as well. The campaign features four distinct ads that encourage people to use less water.

Recent record-breaking high temperatures serve to remind people that the state remains in a severe drought. Despite predictions of El Niño conditions and wet winter weather, the state is still facing one of the most severe droughts on record and it is vital that communities conserve water.

“In the months since Governor Brown announced mandatory water reductions, Californians have stepped up and cut back,” Mayor Lindsey Horvath said. “West Hollywood has reduced its municipal water usage by getting the word out to residents and businesses that water conservation is a top priority.

“Saving water must be a year-round effort; it is as important during cooler winter months as it is during a hot summer. We need to keep reminding our community, in creative ways, that the drought is not over,” Horvath added.

“The city of West Hollywood is committed to conserving water during this drought — the third driest in 119 years,” Mayor Pro Tem Lauren Meister said. “In addition to developing this vibrant and educational ad campaign to raise awareness of new drought mitigation measures and regulations, my hope is that we, as a city, can be more diligent in finding ways to conserve water, particularly when it comes to future planning and land use.”

West Hollywood residents and businesses are served by two water utility companies: Beverly Hills Public Works and the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power. Both utility companies are urging customers to cut back water usage.

For more information about water conservation — including tips and links — visit www.weho.org/waterconservation.


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