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West Hollywood to offer statewide seismic retrofit program

WEST HOLLYWOOD — The city has been added for the first time to a statewide incentive program developed by the California Residential Mitigation Program to help homeowners defray the cost of seismic retrofits to their houses.

Earthquake Brace + Bolt (EBB) has expanded to include the city of West Hollywood.

Owners of houses in ZIP codes 90046, 90048, and 90069 will now be eligible for an incentive payment of up to $3,000 to help pay costs associated with retrofitting houses to lessen earthquake damage.

Registration for the program will open Jan. 20.

Homeowners can find details and participation details at www.EarthquakeBraceBolt.com. Registration will be open for one month. Once registration ends, qualifying homeowners will be selected through a random drawing, after which they will be notified if they have been selected, or if they have been placed on the waiting list.

Residential seismic retrofitting strengthens older homes, making them more resistant to damage during an earthquake. This is done by bolting a house to its foundation to improve the connection between the wood framing and the concrete foundation, and by adding plywood bracing around the perimeter of the crawl space to keep the house from toppling off of its foundation.

The opportunity to obtain assistance to retrofit older houses follows an announcement last month by the city about its comprehensive Seismic Building Survey, which is cataloguing the city’s existing building stock in order to help the city determine steps forward for a seismic retrofit program. The current survey is continuing through February.

The Earthquake Brace + Bolt Program is part of the California Residential Mitigation Program, a joint-exercise-of-powers entity formed by its members, the California Earthquake Authority and the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services.

For information about the EBB Program or California Residential Mitigation Program, and to register for the program, please visit www.EarthquakeBraceBolt.com.

For information regarding obtaining building permits or general building and safety questions, call (323) 848-6475.


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