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West Hollywood to test merits of new bus shelters

WEST HOLLYWOOD —With the goal of enhancing urban design and promoting the use of public transit options, the city of West Hollywood has installed two prototype “Smart” bus shelters on Santa Monica Boulevard.

Following a period of testing and refinement of the two prototypes, a citywide rollout of the new bus shelters is anticipated throughout 2019 and early 2020.

The prototypes are part of the city’s WeHo Smart City Initiative, which works to weave technology into the fabric of the city to improve the quality of life, health, safety and economic prosperity of residents. The WeHo Smart City Strategic Plan addresses local and regional urban challenges with a focus on five core subject areas: sustainability, mobility, accessibility, resiliency and transparency (SMART).

The Smart Bus Shelter prototype features a large shade canopy, integrated seating with enhanced armrests, and vibrant digital and print advertising and public service announcement panels. The shelter incorporates a wheelchair zone and its ambient ceiling lighting was designed to look as if standing underneath a leafy tree canopy. 

It is located on the north side of Santa Monica Boulevard, just west of San Vicente Boulevard.

The Smart Bus Stop prototype accommodates existing trees and space constraints in the public right-of-way where a bus shelter cannot fit. The prototype features a freestanding feature-rich bus stop kiosk and adjacent ergonomic wood bench seating with armrests. It is located on the north side of Santa Monica Boulevard, just west of Sweetzer Avenue, across from West Hollywood City Hall.

Both prototypes feature innovative interactive features, such as: visual real-time bus arrival information on a digital text screen; audio real-time bus arrival information operated by push button aimed at assisting people with vision impairment; bus stop street names with six-inch letter height; USB charging ports; Wi-Fi and energy-efficient lighting.

The city’s smart bus shelters project integrates existing infrastructure and adds technology that people rely on while getting around. The project reimagines the digital urban experience and is a public private partnership between the city and Outfront Decaux Street Furniture.

Information: Francisco Contreras, at (323) 848-6874.